Thursday, June 16, 2011

A special SMS...

Yesterday, my sister asked me if I could remember the message she sent me on my birthday. And I said that I could not recall exactly. Then, she told me that it was actually the same note that I had sent her on her birthday; she had saved it in the "Drafts" folder, and forwarded me the very same 8-month old SMS. "Salam, Happy Birthday!" Very simple, yet so special!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Day before yesterday, I saw something which made me remember times from the 5th semester. The courses I took, the weather those days, the overall environment of my room, the time with friends... Old visuals have this kind of effect, and it is awesome if you have passed your time while savoring every moment. There is always that element of sadness, but it has its own taste. So, move in such a way so that you always want to remember the road you took.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cricket-Match Nostalgia

Maybe I was a kid back then, and my childhood had curtained the unethical practices that grip a society in their jaws, or maybe, we were a more conservative nation some fifteen years ago. Whatever the case be, the visions from the past, and old feelings that I can recall, paint a more 'traditionalist' image of the people of my country as a whole. We have always been fervent about cricket, and especially when it is the World Cup, plus if it’s India versus Pakistan, emotions and spirits reach epic heights. To add spark to this entire scenario, this time, it is the semi-final where two cricket-giants clash.

The craze and penchant of ours for cricket has not changed. What has changed is how we express it. When I was a child, I remember seeing Aunties on the television screen wearing sunglasses, face tensed, with shawls covering their heads, beads (tasbih) rolled over their fingers, and hands risen for prayers. Now, this scene is rare to watch. Instead, wearing “Boom Boom” shirts has become more popular among women folk. I remember my father telling me: “Beta, I have just prayed after Namaz, Pakistan will win.” “Chacha Cricket” is one of those symbols whose celebrations and ecstatic ups and downs’ stances remind of old days.

Let’s go back in time, clean some dust off our memories and recollect how we used to watch matches as a group. If my memory serves me right, when the umpire would give a wrong decision against Pakistan, I and my friends would not hurl abuses in chanting tones; I mean, this was considered completely out of question. And then, most of the times, families would gather, and watch the match together. There used to be no Caf├ęs, and no one would prefer leaving the comfort of their homes, and dine out at fast-food restaurants to watch the match on high-resolution LCDs. Instead, uncles would sit in the drawing room, amplify the volume and keep giving their “expert opinions” during the game, whereas Aunties would be cooking some scrumptious food in the kitchen for dinner or lunch, or some crispy “Pakoras” and zesty “Podina Chutni” if the weather outside was damp and gusty. And boy, let an Indian wicket fall; everyone would jump out of their seats, and start shouting at the top of their volumes. Mind you, their “shouts” were not some grubby abuses; they were general expressions of thrill, joy and excitement. Well, not perfect, but, at least it was better. Good old times!

I wish the atmosphere was the same again. Maybe, I have to go back in time. Maybe, everything was same at that time too, the only difference was that I was a kid; you are, after all, the king of your age before 10. No worry about studies, no tension about politics, and no care about status, what you are concerned about is fun!  Whatever, I wasn’t aware that gossip about “Munni”, or whatever crap of the kind, are on tongues’ of some or more people of my community; O come on, we shouldn’t be giving a damn about all this stuff.

I was a kid, it was Pakistan, there was no 9/11, and I would sit back, watch Saeed Anwar hit a delicate leg flick on Srinath’s bowling, and enjoy all my life.

Well, why not do it this way; this time, on Wednesday, if you are watching Pakistan vs India, stay at home, tune in to a channel which doesn’t show advertisements, and ask Ammi jaan to cook some hot, spicy biryani for the family. If you get discouraged during the match, don’t hurl abuses, or put dirt on your tongues by saying other obscene expressions, just say your prayers, and leave the rest to Allah. Let us cherish the memories from old times, and hopefully, our boys will live up to the expectations; 2011, let’s go 1992!

P.S. Don’t miss your Salah (Namaz) during the match.

Monday, January 24, 2011


When you have some time to relax, and your mind is cleared, take out some moments, and ponder over your body organs; you will realize how lucky you are. You can move your arm, and it is not that simple. When you move this arm, billions of cells and microorganisms have to interact in perfect harmony (at specific angles, at specific times, with specific forces...)  to complete the movement. When you move your eye-balls, the precise coordination between the retina, lens, and other parts of the eye is something you have been blessed with. You have no problem in moving your legs, you don’t have nuisance in hearing different sounds. You can taste delicious foods, just because your taste-glands are working perfectly fine. Give a movement to one of your limbs, feel the sensation, and thank your Creator! Imagine if one of these things gets a little disturbed, how problematic it may get. The illnesses we go through reminds us of this. No matter how strong a person is, when they become sick, they will always feel low and weak. So, while you are worried about other matters, try contemplating on these thoughts, and hopefully, you will feel a bit consoled.

However, this may not necessarily remove all your tensions, yet it might help in enjoying some peaceful moments. Also know that time is a great healer. Things get better as time progresses. If, however, there is something that you are continually passing through or something related to your closed one, then you need to crack it down as quickly as you can. Find ways to counter the situation directly, head on.

Do not get disheartened, keep your prayers. May Allah Almighty always be with you!

Friday, January 21, 2011


All of you know that keeping a beard is Sunnah of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Similarly, scholars also lay stress on keeping your trousers above ankle-length. This is simply because it has been narrated as one of the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Actually, the concept is to imitate him in appearance. This is one of the degrees of faith, and it comes after you have attained perfection on other scales. One who is habitual of lying, and also keeps his trousers above ankles is actually leaving a more important teaching of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), and acting on a teaching on which lesser emphasis has been laid. However, any act of Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) is absolutely worthy of being followed and preached.

Let us see some of the Sunnahs of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), which you may not have heard frequently. If you act on them with the intention of emulating him, you will definitely be rewarded, and will yourself see the benefits they bring you.

Keeping your abdomen at level with your chest, and not allowing it to expand

Our Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him) abdomen never ‘came out’, his abdomen was in-level with his chest, and was rigidly strong, which is a sign of handsome appearance, and tremendous health. This is also connected with his blessed act of eating less than one’s appetite. Our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) never ate to his full, he would always end his food when there was some capacity left to eat. This is an excellent tip for healthy stomach; it helps in digestion, keeps you active and vibrant, and is one of the tools to help you look smart, decent and debonair.

More to come later, Insha’ ALLAH.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Islamic Microblogs

The following is an awesome link for Islamic microblogs (small posts):

The posts are made by Shaykh Abu Adam (HafidhahULLAH). Try visiting it regularly; these are priceless jewels and pearls, which you are getting all for free. Go, get them!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A very important concept regarding Islamic Creed

There are only two things which we see around us: borders and colours. There is nothing else that we observe from eyes. Yes, you can feel, smell, hear or taste other attributes of objects around you, but what we observe through our sight is only this, borders and colours. Now, if we ponder, we can realize that colours are secondary to borders. The reason is that they fall within borders. So, we can see that primarily whatever we see around is nothing, but, borders. Or put it another way, we observe limits in everything we see around ourselves. Everything we see has a physical limit. This is true for all creation. Now, The Holy Qur’an says:

“Absolutely nothing resembles Him, and He is All-Seeing, All-Hearing.” (Surah Ash-Shoora)

From The Book of Allah Almighty we know that Allah Almighty does not resemble anything. He does not resemble the creation. And this Non-Resemblance is not merely as in a way creations are different from each other. It is an Absolute Non-Resemblance to the creation. Let me try to explain this…

We know that we, humans, have feet. We also know that animals have feet. Similarly, if you have watched “Tom and Jerry”, you know that both Tom and Jerry have hands and feet, they walk, eat and make fun like us humans. Obviously, they are only imaginary creations, and do not exist. But, the point that I want to make here is that saying “hand unlike our hand” does not mean that it is absolute non-resemblance, if you mean by hand “a physical limb”.

After knowing this, it is easy for you to understand the reason of deeming it Haraam by Islamic scholars the saying “hand unlike the hand of creation” for ALLAH Almighty. This is because it gives an idea that “Yad” of God is a physical limb. Nauzoo BIllah! So, instead we say “Yad unlike the yad of creation”. And for the very same reason, the eminent scholars of Ummah, including Imam Abu Hanifah (RahimahULLAH), forbade to translate the word “Yad” in Arabic to “hand” in Persian (or English). This is because all the plausible meanings of “Yad” in Arabic are not the same as that for “hand” in English. We affirm “Yad of ALLAH Almighty”, and believe that ALLAH Almighty is free from having limbs, corners, and limits. Reason. Let us come back to where we began. We know from Qur’an al Kareem that Allah Almighty does not resemble anything and we also established that limits and borders are attributes of creation; therefore ALLAH Almighty is not the One Who has limbs, or corners, borders, or limits. Anything, which has a limit, is specified, and that which is specified is a creation. Therefore, it is impossible that these are attributes of the Creator, He is free of them. Allah Almighty is free from any kind of resemblance to the creation. Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!